2020/2021 School Year

Welcome to the North Dickinson County School web-page. It is my sincere hope that students will have a successful and rewarding school experience. The community, staff and Board of Education has provided our students with many opportunities to grow accademically, socially, and physically. Our school staff is made up of many caring and dedicated people who will work very hard to give the best educational experience possible. In return, we ask our students to put forth their best effort in all of their classes and get involved in school activities.

If there is any way I can help you during the school year, please be sure to ask; my door is always open.


Mrs. Angel R. Inglese

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Mission Statement:
North Dickinson County School, as a reflection of a caring, unique community located in a natural setting, will empower and challenge all students to achieve their fullest intellectual potential, character, and attitudes to create better lives for themselves and the larger community.

Nordic Athletics:
North Dickinson offers several sports for both boys and girls at the high school level including football, volleyball, basketball, and track & field. The Nordics compete in the Skyline Central Conference with other area schools

Through the use of advanced technology, we are able to provide students with modern resources, and offer students a range of classes that extend beyond the walls of our building to offer students a more fulfilling and challenging educational experience.

North Dickinson County School - 2020/2021

COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan


Continuity of Learning Plan

Extended COVID-19 Learning Plan

Weekly COVID Update

Nordic News  


Click HERE for the full October Newsletter as a PDF.

Communication from Mrs. Inglese

This morning I received a letter from the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department. They have been monitoring the Covid-19 activities in Dickinson County during this pandemic. After evaluating all data on cases, trends, and the community as a whole, the Health Department recommendation is that all in person school activities in Dickinson County including the Intermediate Schools should be discontinued for a two-week period from October 17 – October 30, 2020. These recommendations include all sporting events.

In an attempt to keep our students and families safe, the North Dickinson County School District is following the health department recommendations. We canceled the football game against Ontonagon tonight and will not resume any sports until after October 30.

If your family would like to take advantage of our lunch program over this period, please contact the school on Monday. We will be putting together care packages of food with the first food pick up being Wednesday, October 21 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Elementary teachers will be sending communications home in backpacks tonight as to how they will resume education during this time.

Middle and High school students are required to check their emails and google classroom information daily. They will be expected to work daily on their courses. If your child does not have the ability to access their google classrooms during this time, their teachers will send home packets. Please communicate with your child’s teachers by calling the school or sending them an email.

So you are aware, google classroom has an application for phones. If your child has a smart phone, they will have the ability to enter google meets and meet with their teacher weekly. Teachers will be sending emails with the dates and times of their individual class meetings. You can expect your teacher to meet virtually with your child a minimum of 2 times per week.

The staff and I appreciate all you can do to keep your child focused on the learning activities while at home. If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher or myself. If we all do our part, hopefully we will be able to see our Nordics face to face in two weeks.


Angel Inglese


Summer Food Program

We have been approved for a Summer Food Service Program which allows us to provide free lunch and breakfast for every North Dickinson student. This program is retroactive to the start of the school year, so if you paid money for your child’s lunch or breakfast, their account will be credited. This program was extended and we have been told it would last as long as the money does. So for now your child’s breakfast and lunch are free of charge. There will be no change to our current menus that we typically offer. We will keep you posted when this will end.

Michael R. Roell, Food Service Director


Flu Clinic Update

FLU SHOT CLINIC 10/6/2020- Cancelled and has been rescheduled for Tuesday 10/20/2020 from 3:30-6:00

First Grade
Mrs. Angie Mattson

First graders are happy to be back in school!   We are on our fourth reading story and are learning new words and math concepts every day.   It is great to be back with our old friends and even some new ones!  The kids are doing well with wearing masks when they are not in their seats.  It's actually been better than I expected!

Junior Class Fundraiser
Ms. Amy Hord

The Junior class will be doing their Sherwood Forest Farm holiday greenery fundraiser in late October.  It has been a successful fundraiser for us in the past.  The greenery is full and lasts well beyond the holiday season.  Items include wreaths, swags, cedar garland, centerpieces and gift items.  Please contact a Junior, Ms. Amy Hord or Mrs. Angie Mattson if you would like to order.  Delivery takes place prior to Thanksgiving.  Payment will be due upon placing your order.  Thank you in advance for your continued support of our students.

End of 1st Marking Period/Report Cards Issued

Friday, October 23rd is the end of the 1st nine week marking period. Report cards will be issued on Wednesday, October 28th. 


Please be sure to send water bottles with your child. If they do not have a water bottle and you are in need, of one, please contact the office.

Fifth Grade

This year has been going very well.  The students have been and are very receptive to the new Covid protocols we need to follow. Students have been enjoying being in “Live” attendance and seeing their friends and classmates.  I also truly enjoy seeing them and trying to positively influence and educate them each day.
A couple reminders about schoolwork.  Make sure your son or daughter continues to stay “caught up” with studies. I try to give them as much time in class to complete their daily work, but there will be times they need to complete it at home.  Also, continue to read for your book report which is due by October 23rd. Parents should have seen a format which was sent home explaining the way reports should be written.
Thank you for enabling me to be your child’s teacher.  Hopefully, we can continue being “here” in the building teaching and learning together. Please, if you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to call.
Mike Lindholm

Mrs. Anna Christian

Last year was the second year that North Dickinson had a robotics team.  We did compete in the Kingsford meet, but unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our second competition was cancelled.  At this time, information hasn't been given as to whether there will be any competitions this year.
We are still seeking support through sponsors and/or donations to help us continue to have our team. We know that our community is constantly supporting all of the different programs at our school and we are so very thankful for everything that you do.  
If a company or individual is interested in supporting our robotic team, it would be a tax write off. The company logo or name of the individual would be displayed in our work station at the different meets as well as on our team T-shirts.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us in our last two years.  We really appreciate it.

School Pictures
School pictures will be taken in the morning on Wednesday, October 7th. Pricing information will be sent home with the students and can also be picked up in the school office. Picture retakes are scheduled for Tuesday, November 9, 2020.
News from the Counseling Office
By: Mrs. Angela Jungwirth
Our school uses a program called Career Cruising with our 6th-12th grade students to make student educational development plans (EDP’s).  Career Cruising is an Internet-based career exploration and planning tool your child uses to explore career and college options and develop a career plan. Career Cruising can be accessed from school, from home, or wherever your son or daughter has access to the Internet. We are using this program to find students career interests to help guide the students plans throughout school. Features of the program include: Interest and Skills Assessment, Career Profiles, Multimedia Interviews, College and Financial Aid Information, Electronic EDP Tool, and a Resume Builder.  To find out more about Career Cruising, we encourage you to login at www.careercruising.com using the school’s access information. 
Username: ndcs
Password: Nordics
You can also request access to review your child's EDP. Please contact Mrs. Jungwirth if you would like access to your child's Career Cruising account.

On October 14th all 9th-12th grade students will be taking the PSAT and SAT tests. These tests will replace the April testing dates that were missed due to school closure. The 9th graders will be taking the PSAT 8/9, 10th and 11th graders will be taking the PSAT NMSQT, and the 12th graders will be taking the SAT.

Virtual High School students are also expected to test on October 14. Mrs. Jungwirth sent an e-mail to all high school virtual learners with information regarding testing. Please remind your student to check their email and respond to this email that was sent.

Parent-Teacher Conferences / Early Dismissal

Parent-teacher conferences will be held on Thursday, October 29, 2020. School will be dismissed at 12:45 PM. Teachers will be available from 1:30-4:00 PM and 5:00-7:30 PM. Please contact your childs teacher, or call the school at 906-542-9281 to set up a virtual meeting through zoom or telephone since conferences will not take place in person this year.

Google Classroom

In case of a shut down due to COVID, all teachers have been working in their face-to-face classrooms with Google Classroom. Please have your child show you what it looks like so you can see that they are prepared if we are required to go virtual

Board Highlights – September 2020

*Approved NEOLA policies presented as a final reading
*Approved the 2020-2021 Course Catalog
*Approved the extended COVID-19 Learning Plan as presented
*Scheduled a finance committee meeting for October 21, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.
*Approved the bond resolution
*Declared bus 5 as surplus and authorized to dispose the bus in a manner most advantageous to the school district
*Approved the purchase of two 77 passenger school buses in the amount of $86,337 each with payment for the buses made from the bond revenue

High School Student Council

 Dear Nordic Family,

Last week, we elected representatives for our High School student council. These students were asked to join a meeting two weeks prior to see who wanted to be involved in “Rowing the Boat” and getting our Nordics ready for the 2020-2021 school year. We had a great turnout with lots of interest in being involved in the council this year. Through discussion with administration and the teaching staff, we decided to include as many members on the council as were interested. The list below are the names of the students who are ready to go above and beyond for their student body. Please feel free to reach out to these students for fundraising ideas, school improvement plans, and any other input you can give as a community member and a member of our family here at ND.

Freshman Class Representatives
Maddie Applekamp
Maggie Mattson
Delaney Kramer

Sophomore Class Representatives
Chloe St. Onge
Aiden Hord
Lily Depotie
Samantha Lucas

Junior Class Representatives
Eleighzabeth Stout

Senior Class Representatives
Jacob Kowalczyk
Maryann Glasheen

President: Emmalee Massie
Vice President: Colin Graham
Secretary: Ashton Hord
Treasurer: Liberty Carlson

Band Representatives
Isabella Reimer
Caidyn MacFadyen
Angelina Raether

Sports Representatives
Chrislyn Inglese
Micah Lindhholm
Gabby Schultz

Details on upcoming school events such as homecoming will be sent home soon. The staff, administration, and student council will be discussing what homecoming will look like in 2020, so when we do have a plan, these details will be shared.
Thank you for your support,
North Dickinson High School Student Council

Surplus Scrap Bus for Sale

The school has an international bus that is for sale.  Contact Darrell Oman at the school for more information or to put in a bid.  Cell Phone 906-221-5471 or doman@go-nordics.com.   The bus is a 2005 International 77 passenger.  The bus has been cannibalized for parts.  It is not road worthy and has no parking brake. Buyer would be responsible to have it removed.  Some of the items that were robbed are the steer tires, windows, doors, seats, body panels, batteries and lighting and dash components.  It has an International DT466E 210 HP Engine, Allison 2000 series automatic transmission, hydraulic brakes with approx. 180,000 miles on the bus.  The rear drive tires 11x22R are about 20% remaining.    It was running when parked.  For salvage value the estimated weight is approx. 16,000 pounds.  

School Driveways and Parking Lots

We would like to remind the public about several items related to traffic for safety and security reasons. First is that traffic is only permitted in the front driveway and lower parking lot during school hours. Traffic is not permitted around the sides or rear of the building except for school buses, school maintenance vehicles or emergency vehicles. This includes dropping off or picking up daycare/preschool children and when picking up students after school dismisses. The children need to be picked up in the front of the school, do not drive around the back of the school.
Upper parking lot is one-way traffic. In the upper driveway and parking lot, the traffic should enter from the east and drive to the west. Traffic should enter from the side towards the potato fields and exit the side towards the Nordic Trading Post.
The driveways and parking lot maximum speed is 10 mph. SLOW is the correct speed. Please drive slow and expect young children to dart out from behind other vehicles.
The front of the school along the sidewalks is for loading and unloading. A spot is reserved for school buses, law enforcement and maintenance vehicles. The signs are posted along the sidewalk, please obey the signs.
And last but not least the speed limit on M69 school zone is 35 mph. The speed limit in the school zone and the times that the speed limit must be reduced are mandated by state law. A reminder to all, that traffic fines are doubled in school zones.

Head Lice Awareness

This article is to increase head lice awareness so that you may take steps at home to help prevent your child from becoming infested with head lice. Any time children come together, particularly at the start of the school year or following any social grouping like Girl/Cub Scouts, Brownies, Little League, dance groups, or sleepovers, detected head lice cases commonly increase. Recent studies show that head lice are seldom spread in the school setting. Direct, physical, head-to-head contact is the usual method of transmission. Lice do not jump or fly. They survive only for a short time away from the human head and have difficulty crawling or clinging to smooth surfaces. Check your child’s head weekly for lice and/or nits (eggs). Mature lice, which are no bigger than a sesame seed, avoid light and are hard to see. Lice eggs or “nits” are usually found close to the scalp – usually within one quarter inch. They appear as tiny whitish ovals that are “glued” to the hair shaft. They cannot easily be flicked away as dandruff can. Head lice do not transmit disease and are not a serious medical condition. They cannot survive on your pets. If you find head lice on your child, please notify the school and treat him/her with lice shampoo following package instructions. A second treatment may be required in seven to ten days. Continue to examine the child and all family members for three weeks and treat only if live lice or if nits are found one quarter inch or less from the scalp.
 Steps to help prevent the spread of head lice include:
* Check your child’s head weekly for signs of head lice.
* Teach your child not to share or trade personal items such as hats, combs, brushes, headbands, and barrettes.
* Contain long hair in braids or ponytails, especially in younger children.
· Teach children to avoid head-to-head contact.
For more information regarding head lice or its treatment, please feel free to contact the school office or your local health department.