2019/2020 School Year

Welcome to the North Dickinson County School web-page. It is my sincere hope that students will have a successful and rewarding school experience. The community, staff and Board of Education has provided our students with many opportunities to grow accademically, socially, and physically. Our school staff is made up of many caring and dedicated people who will work very hard to give the best educational experience possible. In return, we ask our students to put forth their best effort in all of their classes and get involved in school activities.

If there is any way I can help you during the school year, please be sure to ask; my door is always open.


Mrs. Angel R. Inglese

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Mission Statement:
North Dickinson County School, as a reflection of a caring, unique community located in a natural setting, will empower and challenge all students to achieve their fullest intellectual potential, character, and attitudes to create better lives for themselves and the larger community.

Nordic Athletics:
North Dickinson offers several sports for both boys and girls at the high school level including football, volleyball, basketball, and track & field. The Nordics compete in the Skyline Central Conference with other area schools

Through the use of advanced technology, we are able to provide students with modern resources, and offer students a range of classes that extend beyond the walls of our building to offer students a more fulfilling and challenging educational experience.

North Dickinson County School - 2019/2020

Continuity of Learning Plan


Nordic News  


Farewell Drive Thru

The North Dickinson Staff would like to say goodbye for the summer to the students on Wednesday evening, June 3, 2020 from 5 - 6 PM in the school parking lot. Staff will be outside to wave and bid their students farewell and are hoping that parents will drive their children through the parking lot for a wave and a 143. At that time parents can drop off any school materials that need to be returned to the building.  


Well, here we are in the middle of May still quarantined. I do not think any of us imagined that we would still be here. If you are like me and my family, you and your children have probably had good days and bad days, and lots of days in between. I generally try to stay positive and upbeat, but one day, I felt like I had had enough and I was having a particularly bad day. Later that day I checked my e-mail and read a blog post from a motivational speaker I follow named Jon Gordon. I’d like to share something out of his blog that helped me.
The post was titled, “Its OK, to not be OK.” Part of the post said this:
Being positive doesn't mean you suck it up and put a fake smile on your face. It's okay to go through a wide range of emotions and feel the stages of grief. You might have felt denial, anger, sadness, acceptance and meaning over the last couple of months. Actually you might even feel these stages and emotions in the course of a day. It's okay to be scared, frustrated and feel down. You just don't want to stay there too long and allow these feelings to take you down a spiral staircase of depression and despair. The key is to find the optimism, hope and faith to keep going and create a better future. This is not about seeing the world through rose colored glasses. This is knowing you have the power to overcome the thorns. You have the power to shift your perspective and turn your pain into purpose and struggle into strength.
One of my favorite parts of this article was the title – “Its Ok, to not be ok.” There isn’t a book on how to deal with a global pandemic and no one knows the “best’ way to go through all of this or to help our children go through this. It did help me, however, to realize that it’s ok to have bad days. I hope that it helps you to hear it too. I also hope you remember that you too, have the power to overcome the thorns.
I also wanted to remind everyone that I am here and available to talk with your child if they need it. Any of our staff would be happy to reach out to your children through a phone call or a Zoom meeting. I’ve had people apologize for contacting me or “bugging me” (I think because I am working from home most days). Please know that you will not be bothering me if you ask me to contact your child. Every opportunity I have had to connect with a student over the phone or through a Zoom meeting has brightened my day and has probably helped me more than it helped the student. With that being said, please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you feel like your child needs it. My cell is 221-5446 and my e-mail is ajungwirth@go-nordics.com.
I know it has been awhile since we have seen each other, but please know that as a staff we are all still here for you and we think of you all every day! We miss you! 143 Nordics! Mrs. J

Mr. C’s Kindergarten Class
I appreciate everything that all of you have done. I understand that when the weather is getting nice that the littles have other things on their mind, but please keep them reading.

Drivers Education                                                                        We will be updating on drivers education as the governor opens more up and we have more information as to when we will be able to hold classes.

From the desk of Mrs. Inglese
Once again, I would like to thank all of the parents, grandparents and community members for your support in this time. The staff, Board and administration are so proud of all of the work our students have been doing in this difficult time. We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate all that you have done and continue to do to help your children be successful. At this time, we are still unaware as to what graduation will look like. We have sent a survey out to the seniors to see what is most important to them as far as graduation is concerned. As soon as we know what we can/cannot do we will communicate with our seniors, their parents and the community and we will make sure that their commencement ceremony is a memorable one.
Financial Times
As many of you are aware, the Michigan Department of Education gave a presentation to the State Board of Education warning that the state is predicting a multi-billion dollar decline in tax revenue due to COVID-19. With that being said, lawmakers are claiming that school districts could face cuts of 10 to 25 percent in their per student funding. As a small district, we have seen some difficult financial times in the past and have worked very hard to make sure that regardless of what is going on financially, our students receive the best education available. It cannot be stressed enough that no matter what happens, we will strive to continue to offer the best for your children. Our staff is extremely dedicated to the children and the school district; and I believe that I can speak for all of them when I say they will continue to be dedicated no matter what happens in the future.
Pandemic (P-EBT) Benefits
We have been receiving calls from parents who are receiving Pandemic EBT (P-EBT) benefits. The schools do not have anything to do with this, but I am hoping to answer some of your questions. The following Q/A comes from the MDE website link: https://www.michigan.gov/mde/0,4615,7-140-66254_99536---,00.html
Most Common questions:
Q. Will there be an email or phone number available for parent questions regarding the P-EBT cards?
A. If you have any questions, please contact 1-833-905-0028.
Q. I have multiple school-age children, how much will our family be eligible for?
A. The pre-loaded P-EBT card will come in the mail and will be in the oldest school aged child’s name, not the parents name. Keep the card for ongoing benefits you may receive. The combined benefit amount for March/April is $193.80 per child and will be available by the end of April. The combined benefit amount for May/June is $182.40 per child and will be available by the end of May.
Q. If someone has had their income change or is experiencing unemployment, should they fill out a new Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application?
A. Yes, we are advising all schools to collect Free and Reduced-Price Meal Applications for households that are experiencing unemployment or a sudden job loss. Schools should reach out to their communities and advise households to fill out a new Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application. Households will also be able to carry over this benefit for 30-operating days into school year 2020-2021.
If you have any questions regarding this, we will try to help and you are more than welcome to call the school, but will probably have more success receiving answers by calling the 833 number listed above.

1st Grade
Hello first graders! First, I’d like to say how proud I am of you! This has been a crazy year and you are all handling it very well. Thank you for keeping in touch with me. I love all the letters, texts and messages I get from you. Please continue to send them. I promise to always write or text back! Remember that the best thing you can do to get ready for 2nd grade is to read a little each day! Make it a part of your routine. 10-15 minutes before bed is a great time to read! I challenge you to read a couple chapter books this summer. You can totally do it! Read a few pages every night.
To my first grade parents: Thank you is not enough! Every day I woke up thinking of all of you trying to juggle all of this. Please know that I am SO appreciative of your effort to stay in touch with me. I don’t think I would have survived the last weeks without seeing and hearing from your kiddos! I hope to see your families out and about this summer. You are rock stars! – Mrs. Mattson

2nd Grade
Thank you to all the 2nd grade parents for everything you have done to keep your child on track to finish out our school year from home. I appreciate all the hard work and sacrifices you have made. Even though I miss seeing everyone face to face, it sure has been a joy to receive all your emails, cards and letters. If we were still in school, Jennifer Solka from the Marquette Alger Regional Educational Service Agency would have visited our classroom several more times to teach her PENut (which stands for PE and Nutrition) lessons. Unfortunately, she was only able to visit our class in person one time, but she brought excellent fitness and snack ideas. Since she obviously can’t come back to our classroom, she sent a link for me to pass on to families. If you are interested in getting some tips on healthy snack and ways to stay active while at home, visit https://www.smore.com/pxrf8.
Be safe, be well & continue to be in touch!
143 –Mrs. Mattson

3rd Grade
I am sending one last homework packet this week. If you would like more materials for over the summer, please feel free to contact me. I would like you to continue to send me homework from each subject Through June 3rd, which would have been our last day of school. That would include Reader’s Notebook pages, math chapter review, and science chapter vocabulary. Please continue to check Thinkcentral.com for a guide on the homework and click done when your child has completed the assignment.
Please continue to have your child read over the summer and practice math fluency with basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 20 minutes each day reading and 10 minutes with math a few days each week will make a difference when they start 4th grade.
Mrs. Abby Grunlund agrunlund@go-nordics.com
(906) 282-6775

E-Mail Accounts for Seniors
Seniors are reminded that their Nordic e-mail accounts will be disabled this summer. Please make sure you use a different e-mail account for college application.

4th Grade
Parents/Guardians, I hope this letter finds you and your family well and that you are managing the challenging times we are currently living in.
I know that, amid all the uncertainty and fear right now, it’s overwhelming to suddenly take over as your child’s teacher. Don’t worry — they’re learning just fine with you in charge. I know it is not easy taking on this new role for your child, while maintaining your homes, families, and jobs of your own. I want to say thank you for all you are doing at home to support your child.

5th Grade
First, I want to praise all the 5th grade students and their parents for continuing schooling at home. You have taken this difficult situation and have done a fantastic job with it. My hope was that the work assigned wouldn’t be too overwhelming, and that most could be completed with little or no help from parents. I pray that this was the case. We are almost to the finish line!
Next, having to change the mode at which students have learned, I think has been beneficial. Discipline to complete tasks by oneself and the use of technology to learn, are skills many, if not all, students will need not only in the school years to come, but beyond into their futures.
Last, the fifth-grade student's schoolwork will change slightly in the final weeks of school. Students will continue with Khan Academy for math and language arts for the remainder of the school year. For history, there will be 2 more weeks of Khan academy, then I will be sending them some videos to their emails to watch with one question they can reply to me in a forum on the email. In science, for the remainder of the year, students will receive a couple videos per week with a question to respond to in the email forum. All will be explained in emails sent by me.
Again, thank you so much for your efforts and I hope all is well with you.
Thanks for listening,
Michael Lindholm

Mr. Faust's classes:
6th/7th Geography
8th Grade History and Health
H.S. Novel and Cinema as History
H.S. Critical Issue

Please remember to check your Nordic email for notices, assignments and etc...  I want to thank many of you students for doing this on a regular basis and turning in assignments in a reasonable amount of time.  I have spent a great deal of time tracking some students down without any reply.  Remember, that completing course work is your responsibility not anyone else's.  If you are struggling with a class please contact me and I will attempt to work with you within reason as I have already done this with other students.  This week I have given several classes the opportunity to make up work with no new assignments until next week.  All past due work is to be turned in on Friday.  I have sent emails to individual classes that communicated this same message. 
Mr. Faust

Music Department
On behalf of the Nordic Music Department, I would like to congratulate our Senior band members: John Briggs, Chrissy Bruette, Hannah Clark, Cuyler Crites, Skye Ledzian, Ricki Mattson, John Mayfield, Savannah Parent, Cameron Schultz, and Mollie Steinbrecher. I’m extremely proud of your accomplishments and thank you for your leadership and dedication to the Nordic Band Department! We wish you the best as you graduate!!!
Ms. Anderson

It is not too late to order your copy of the 2019-20 yearbook. Prices have increased to $40.00 beginning May 15, 2020. You can still order by sending money to the school, make sure to mark Attn: Yearbook. Since our yearbook club has been unable to take any pictures since March, we are asking for your contributions more than ever to make it possible to finish the book. Any pictures that you have from when school was in session or pictures of your children working at home are appreciated. You can send pictures to athoune@go-nordics.com.

Board Elections
This November four of our school board member’s terms expire. If you are interested in running for the school board please contact the Dickinson County clerk for specific information on the procedure to run, not your local municipal clerk. The reason for this is because our school district crosses several different political jurisdictions. If you have questions regarding serving as a Board member, please contact the District Office. You must either file nominating petitions or pay a $100.00 fee and you must complete and file an Affidavit of Identity. The deadline for all paperwork must be completed and submitted no later than July 21, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. You pick up and then file all completed paperwork with the County Clerk office that is located in the Dickinson County Courthouse.

Bond Proposal-August 4 Election
By: Michael Roell, Business Manager

The North Dickinson School District will have a request for millage on the August 4, 2020 election. The millage request will ask the tax payers to consider a 1 mill tax increase for 3 years for the purchase of school buses, acquiring and installing instructional technology and instructional technology equipment and re-equipping the school building. The district again plans to reduce the levy on the 2 mill sinking fund to 1 mill for the 3-year period to keep the property taxes in check.

Summer is a good time to review your student’s immunization record and schedule appointments before sports and extra-curricular activities begin again. They may need to receive immunizations before they start school again in the fall or leave for college. New immunizations are recommended and your student may not be fully protected from all vaccine-preventable diseases.

North Dickinson Cheer Program 
A cheer camp is in the works for late summer, it will be held in conjunction with other local cheer programs.  The camp will be available to all 9-12th graders interested in fall cheer.  Any student interested is to contact Veronica Nord at 906-221-3217.  

ND Prom 2020
The Junior class is looking to reschedule prom at a later date.  We are looking forward to be able to celebrate together.  Details will follow.

Miss Anna’s Classes
8th Grade Science: Thank you all for adjusting so well to the change of the educational process. From the work that the 8th graders have done thus far, they have transitioned quite easily from Khan Academy to creating PowerPoints and writing reports. I appreciate everyone’s efforts.
7th Grade Science: Very good job with keeping up with all of the school work 7th graders! Your efforts are really appreciated.
6th Graders: You are doing a great job keeping up with all of the different expectations that have been placed upon you. Keep up the good work!

Mr. Mattson
Hello again Nordics. Hope all of you are well. Hopefully all this craziness will go away sooner rather than later. I just wanted to say I hope everyone is trying to make the best of this crazy situation. Seniors-----congrats and good luck on future endeavors! It was a joy having you all as students and athletes. Keep working hard, it will pay off. To all other students---keep on working hard and remember that summer is right around the corner!

Hey Nordics!!!!
Mr. Siegler here. I hope that everyone is doing well. I appreciate everyone's patience in this time of “new normal”. I want to say that I am very impressed with both the students and the parents throughout this process. This is not easy for anyone, and we appreciate your continued patience and support. I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you as soon as possible!! Keep up the good work. Continue to Row The Boat, and remember that we will get through this together as a family!! Again, I look forward to seeing you soon…..Stay safe and healthy!
Mr. Sig

Special Education
Dear Nordics,
I miss seeing all of you!  I have been checking in weekly with your parents and I am so proud to hear how well all of you have been doing on your school work.  I look forward to seeing you next school  year  and hearing all about how you and your family made the best of this quarantine time and the virtual learning/home school experience.  Again I miss you all and hope you have a safe and fun filled summer.  
Ms. Hord

Homework drop off
The school is open on Mondays from noon to 1:00 PM to drop off homework. If you are unable to get to the school, there is a drop box at the BP in Sagola that you can put your child's work in and it will be picked up by a staff member and brought to school. Other homework drop off times will be available by appointment. Please contact the school office if you need to schedule a time.